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American Bob Tail--Fifth Generation Kitty


Oklahoma, United States

Posted Feb 16, 2014

My first experience with a natural bob tail cat was several years ago, when my dad rescued one from the lumber mill. We assumed the kitten's tail had been lost in some of the machinery. However, when she had kittens, they too had no tails.

People were always eager to adopt these kittens, and we've carefully allowed one litter a year. My mother's bob tail cat did escape in town one year though, and ever since then, there have been scores of these tail-less kittens!

These cats are really fun to own. But you need to have a lot of patience and space. They love to romp. Dudley is fifth in line (direct descent) from that first kitten.

The bob tails can grow to be larger than the average house cat, and when they play, they are like an unstoppable force. This isn't the cat you want if your home is filled with precious knick-knacks!

Dudley, like his ancestors, is a social cat, but doesn't like to be held or handled too much. He can be aggressive if he isn't in the mood to be touched, but more so with adults than with children.

Of all the bob tails I have reared, Dudley has the best litter box habits. No accidents. Most of the others were so hyper that they would run out of the box before finishing their business, leaving a mess!

Other than litter box problems, I've never had a problem with these cats inside or out. They can easily be taught not to jump on counters. Dudley was easy to train just by using a "shushing" sound when he did something we didn't like.

Dudley does have predatory instincts though. He will hunt anything, including other pets. I would recommend socializing a bob tail with other pets very slowly and carefully. The hunting and the tendency to tear the house down when he plays are his only drawbacks. He is reasonably quiet, very clean, and super-healthy. The bob tails make great pets, but be prepared for the chaos!

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