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American Bobtails Are Energetic Friends and Cuddly Baby Dolls


Alabama, United States

Posted Feb 15, 2014

I will always swear that Sultry chose me and my nephew long before we had even realized that such a lovely cat could exist. A few years ago when my nephew was visiting, he and I had taken my Manchester Terrier for a walk when we suddenly became aware that we were being stalked. My nephew said, "Auntie, we have a little friend following us," and when I turned to peek back at her, my heart thumped fiercely then melted to goo to find the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen looking back at me. Immediately, my nephew told me that this cat was meant for me, but I knew no such lovely lady could be stray. Without a collar and tag to help me find her owners, I quickly launched a plan of action.

That beautiful cat came to live with me, but I plastered my little town with signs, called our local vets to ask if they were familiar with her, called pounds and put shouts out to social media. Within a week, though, I had come to know why she may have been put out and had not be claimed when a slight but insistent mewing began to rise from a pile of laundry my nephew had left in front of the washer. Five kittens later, I figured she and I were in this together for the long haul, and so she needed a name.

My precocious nephew said, "She's pretty flirty, like a real girl," and it was true. That day, she became Sultry Cleopatra, and I knew when she batted her big blue eyes at us that she thought the name fit just right.

My vet declared her an American Bobtail, and for all I have read about the breed, it seems to fit. I wouldn't be surprised to know that Sultry has more than the slim origins of Siamese in her line. Her markings are a mix of snowy tabby and seal point and her eyes are clearest blue. But her demeanor is very much in keeping with American Bobtails. She is a friendly, cuddling baby doll, happiest lying on her back in the crook of my arm, and her playfulness with the children who come around is always harmless but quite fun.

If she is indeed an American Bobtail with a trace of something else, I would say choose American Bobtail with confidence.

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