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Accidental Abyssinian


Ontario, Canada

Posted Oct 22, 2012

The first cat I ever owned was a gorgeous Abyssinian when I was about 8 years old and it came to be part of our family in a nearly-tragic way.

Walking home from a friends house I could hear this sad yowling coming from a park nearby. It felt like it took forever but I finally found the source - a beautiful Abyssinian in desperate need of help. There was a barbed wire fence separating a group of houses and the park and this poor cat was hanging from it by it's butt. It gotten caught up in it while jumping over the fence and one of the spikes had dug into it's rear end, leaving it very stuck and very stranded.

I ran home and told my mom what had happened and we went back with wire cutters to get him free. A whole lot of scratches and blue air later, my mom was finally able to free the cat and it took off like a bullet. Although it couldn't be helped my mom and I were riddled with guilt that we hadn't been able to check if it was ok before it took off.

The next day I was at the same park playing with my friends and there was the cat hovering in and around the bushes, watching me the entire time. Scrouching down I called it to me and it would take a couple steps and retreat, take another couple of steps and retreat again.

That night my family and I were sitting out on the front porch talking and who should walk right up the stairs and sit down right next to us? The cat from the park! And that was that - he was our cat.

We posted flyers all over but no one ever claimed him. Unfortunately I am severely allergic to cats so it wasn't able to live inside with us but in the year that we "had" him he was never gone for more than a day. He'd be there when I got home from school and there when I left in the morning. Active and playful and often downright silly, he certainly wasn't a snugly lap cat - which was just as well for me anyway - but he loved being around us and we were so glad to have him around too.

I don't know if this is common behavior for an Abyssinian but in the year that he was with our family he was most loyal cat I've ever seen.

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