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For the love of Abyssinians...


Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Posted Aug 11, 2010

Having seen my first Abyssinian some 20+ years ago when I lived in Toronto, I've been smitten with them ever since, however since I was owned by other cats at the time I waited until about 6 years ago to have my first Aby.

Ramses came to us as a former stud and show cat who really wasn't suited to that sort of life, so he was a bit of a challenge to start with, however with time and a lot of love and patience he came around and is now my constant companion.  He's utterly devoted to me and showers me with love and a good amount of he lovely sorrel furs, daily!  No day goes by without him showing his love in a myriad of ways...

Following Ramses arrival by a year or so came his beautiful, usual, half-sister Isis.  She is our foundation queen and just the best mother possible to all her kittens while they are with us.  She's an amazing character too, bringing us toys and dropping them at our feet if she wants a little treat or some extra affection!  She's also a bit of a 'neat freak' and spends much of her time cleaning up after the other cats.  She's our little 'Miss Perfect'! :)  To date she has produced 10 gorgeous, usual, kittens, 5 girls, 5 boys and all just as sweet and loving as their mother, which is how Setra came to live with us...

Setra is Isis 2nd born daughter and all that her mother is and more.  She loves to lay on her back like a baby in my husband's arms patting and kissing his face softly, she certainly has her own way when it comes to her 'Daddy'! ;)  She's been a huge help with Isis latest litter and helps clean and keep an eye on her half-siblings to give Isis a rest.  Soon we'll know if she's expecting her own kittens and trust that she'll be just as wonderful a mother as Isis is, if so her kittens will be very lucky indeed...

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