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United States

Posted Aug 11, 2014

I can't remember a time when someone hasn't asked to take a picture of these cats when first encountering them, they're that strikingly beautiful! In terms of personality, the male and female vary fairly significantly, but mainly with regards to affection. The male is extremely attached to me and only me, but is nice to other people and allows them to pet him to whatever extent they desire. The female, on the other hand, is the most attention-seeking animal I've ever experienced, but in an incredibly adorable way. Both are exceptionally intelligent, even to the point that they manage some Ocean's-Eleven-style escape routes from our house because we try to keep them indoors (especially given the high-cost and beauty of their breed, they are a bit more at risk of being stolen). The female is a tad bit playful, but the male is rather serious when he's not cuddling with me. When he does manage to get out, he is extremely skilled at hunting and fending for himself. In terms of their compatability with our dog, the male is a bit stand-off-ish, but has had no real problems, while the female will beg for affection even from the hyperactive pup. The male's health has been incredibly above average, and even at 12-years he is very lean and with no notable issues. The female is a different story entirely, but she is also very clearly the runt of her litter, so I believe her to be an outlier. Her problems have mostly been with anxiety and scratching herself, but she has been through a lot more cross-country travels and has had kittens and has always been notably miniature. A huge reason people tend to lean towards this pet is for hypoallergenic reasons, and aside from when they were really young, they truly do not shed or cause any issues for the two members of my household who are in fact allergic. Overall, these cats are amazing to look at and brag about, but even more amazing in that you feel lucky to be the object of their attachment.

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