Scorpion Mud Turtle

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Species group:

Scientific name: Kinosternon scorpioides

The basics:
The Scorpion Mud Turtle is a medium to large, olive-colored turtle which is native to south-southeastern Mexico and Central America. Scorpion Mud Turtles inhabit aquatic systems, preferably with muddy bottoms, such as ponds, cattle tanks, and lakes. They also commonly are found in canals, ditches, and other slow-moving waterways. Like other turtles, the Scorpion Mud Turtle spends time basking in the sun. Although these turtles are aquatic, they often leave the water to find food, to nest, or even to migrate to another area if their home dries up. They eat tadpoles, insects, worms, and small mollusks.

Scorpion Mud Turtles are omnivorous. Their diet includes worms, crayfish, frogs, snails, fish, fairy shrimp, slugs, leeches, tadpoles, and other aquatic insects and invertebrates. They also eat vegetation and dead and decaying matter.

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