Eastern long-necked Turtle

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Other common names: Stinker; Australian Snake-necked Turtle; Eastern snake-neck Turtle; Common long-neck Turtle; Common snake-neck Turtle

Scientific name: Chelodina longicollis

The basics:
The Eastern long-necked Turtle is a commonly found turtle which is native to eastern Australia. Chelodina longicollis inhabits slow moving freshwater locations such as billabongs, swamps and rivers. They prefer bodies of water which have soft, sandy bottoms and they spend the day basking on logs or rocks. In the wild, they feed on small crustaceans, fish, insects and frogs. They can live up to 50 years.

The Eastern long-necked Turtles most distinctive feature is its extremely long neck, which is usually half as long as its body. When threatened, Chelodina longicollis tucks its head sideways under its shell, and musks - excreting a smelly fluid. This defense mechanism is the reason this turtle also has the common name of "Stinker".

Appearance / health:
Chelodina longicollis has a long neck, which is typically half as long as its shell (carapace), though it can be even longer. Its shell measures up to 30 cm / 12 inches and is a brown color, though it is often covered in algae, which gives it a green appearance.

Behavior / temperament:
The Eastern long-necked Turtle is a musking species - using a foul smelling liquid to ward off predators.

This Eastern long-necked Turtle is carnivorous, and in captivity is typically fed twice a week. Commercial turtle feeds with the addition of worms, crickets and other insects are often used.

In early summer, female Eastern long-necked Turtles lay 2 - 10 eggs in the sand on the shore.


incredible neck, great aquatic turtle, fascinating creature, small cement pond


constant cleaning, proper filtration systems, water changes


frozen meat cubes, fascinating head construction

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Eastern long-necked Turtle

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