Spotted Python

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Species group:

Scientific name: Antaresia maculosa

The basics:
Spotted Pythons are native to northern Australia. They are found from the tip of Cape York in northern Queensland to the east side of the Great Dividing Range, and to the northeastern New South Wales. They are also seen on several islands off the coast of Queensland. The habitat if the Spotted Python varies from tropical forests and rainforests to grasslands and rocky areas.

Appearance / health:
Among the genus of small snakes called Antaresia, the Spotted Python is the largest at an average of 3 feet in length. Its base body color is cream or pale yellow brown and its irregular, jagged-edged blotch patterns are dark brown to black.

Behavior / temperament:
Spotted Pythons are one of the easiest snakes to care for, easily tamed through regular gentle handling. Under proper care, they are expected to have a captive lifespan of up to 20 years.

Spotted Pythons are best kept in tall tropical forest type terrariums pf average size (at least 20-gallon enclosures). Sturdy branches or hedges should be provided, as well as several hide boxes. A stable bowl of water for drinking is also essential. Day temp: 80-98F

Spotted Pythons require fresh water daily. Cage must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Spotted Pythons are nocturnal carnivores that feed on mice, rats, and other small mammals. They also prey on small lizards, frogs, and bats.

Like other Pythons, the Spotted Python is an egg-layer. The female incubates the eggs by coiling around them for about 45 days when the young emerge. Average clutch size is 15 eggs.

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