Sonoran Gopher Snake

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Species group:

Scientific name: Pituophis catenifer affinis

The basics:
The Sonoran Gopher Snake’s range is southeast California to the Colorado River, eastward to Arizona and New Mexico, south to Texas, and down into Mexico. They are seen in the Imperial Valley, in desert flats, agricultural lands, and in areas close to streams and rivers.

Appearance / health:
Adult Sonoran Gopher Snakes measure from 3 to 7 feet in length. They are considered large constrictors with keeled scales and a rostral scale on the snout for burrowing. The body color is light brown to tan with large reddish brown blotches along the back. The brown blotches look like well-defined saddles, dark near the neck, lighter over the middle of the body, and darker to almost black towards the tail. Smaller blotches appear on the sides, and small black spots are a creamy yellow neck area. A dark line stretches from the eyes to the corner of the mouth. The belly is creamy yellow with dark markings.

Behavior / temperament:
Considered diurnal and crepuscular, Sonoran Gopher Snakes are active in the daytime, especially at dusk and at dawn. They are also seen hunting at night during summertime. They are powerful constrictors that hunt by burrowing into the underground homes of ground squirrels, gopher rats, and other rodents. They climb trees to hunt for nestling birds and eggs.

The Sonoran Gopher Snake is best housed in a woodland terrarium equipped with climbing branches, hide boxes, and a large water dish for drinking and submerging. Substrate should be dry and easy to manage, like newspapers and paper towels or reptile carpeting. Day temp: 75-85F; night temp: 70F; lighting: 12 hours
Like other gopher snakes, the Sonoran Gopher Snake easily gets nervous and stressed. They tend to burrow under the substrate or tuck into hide boxes, but when properly handled, they can be tamed.

Sonoran Gopher Snakes eat small rodents and other mammals, with a fondness for pocket gophers. They also accept lizards, insects, nestling birds, and eggs. They constrict their prey to suffocation.

Sonoran Gopher Snakes reach maturity in about 3 years. They mate in the spring after coming out of hibernation. A month and a half after mating, the female lays 2 to 24 eggs that hatch in about two a half months


purple stripes, excellent appetites, excellent pet snake, stunning, regular handling, temperment

Sonoran Gopher Snake Health Tip

Sonoran Gopher Snake

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