Solomon Island Ground Boa

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Species group:

Scientific name: Candoia carinata paulsoni

The basics:
New Guinea and Melanesia

Appearance / health:
Solomon Island Ground Boa typically have a rounded and heavy body, with a flattened triangular shaped head, and an upturned nose. Colors and patterns vary greatly, but most are various shades of brown to black.

Behavior / temperament:
These boas are typically shy and docile.

A 3 ft by 18” by 18” vivarium is adequate for a specimen/pair of Solomon Island Ground Boas. These boas need a temperature of 26-27 degrees Celsius (80-82 degrees Fahrenheit) during the daytime.
These snakes are frequently imported for the exotic pet trade, but are now being bred in captivity by private individuals. Their small size and ease of care make them interesting captives, but wild caught specimens do not acclimate well. The stress of captivity manifests itself in the form of lack of interest in food. Their natural diet often presents a problem for hobbyists mainly familiar with using rodents as food.

These boas are known for having slow metabolisms , and any keepers only feed their adults one mouse/small rat every 3 to 4 weeks. In the wild, their primary diet consists of frogs and lizards.

The Solomon Island ground boa is known to have particularly large litters, occasionally producing 30 or 40 small neonates.


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keeled scales, unique shaped head, surprisingly powerful body, moist hide boxes, small serrated teeth

Solomon Island Ground Boa Health Tip

Solomon Island Ground Boa

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