San Luis Potosi Kingsnake

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Species group:

Other common names: Mexican King Snake; Mex Mex

Scientific name: Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana

The basics:
San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes are common in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and can also be found in mountain ranges around the Chihuahua desert area.

Appearance / health:
San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes are medium-sized snakes that grow to about 36 inches in length. The characteristic coloration is a silver base with red saddle-like markings with white outlines. The belly can be silver, light brown or reddish. A dark fork-shaped mark is often present on the head.

Behavior / temperament:
San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes are generally shy but popular in the pet trade because of their color and gentle temperament. They become docile when regularly handled. They are, however, known to be finicky eaters.

San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes are best kept in medium-sized enclosures (20-gallon tanks) provided with a substrate of newspaper, orchid bark, aspen bedding or reptile carpet. Hiding places should be available, as well as a water dish for drinking. Day temp: 80-85F; night temp: 65-70F; humidity: less than 50%.

Due to the tendency of Kingsnakes to prey on fellow snakes, the San Luis Potosi Kingsnake is best kept alone. Fresh water should be provided daily and the cage cleaned and disinfected regularly.

As with other Kingsnakes, the San Luis Potosi Kingsnake feeds on rodents, lizards, and other snakes.

San Luis Potosi Kingsnakes lay clutches of 5-19 eggs after a gestation period of about 45 days. Incubation lasts from 54-82 days.

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