Gray-banded Kingsnake

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Species group:

Scientific name: Lampropeltis alterna

The basics:
The Gray-banded Kingsnake is native to southeastern Texas and northern Mexico. It prefers living under boulders in rocky canyons and hillsides, and is a secretive, nocturnal snake.

Appearance / health:
Lampropeltis alterna is a medium sized snake which rarely exceeds three feet in length. It is a brilliantly colorful snake, and though color and pattern can vary, it is generally marked with broad bands of gray that alternate with narrower bands of black. The black bands are usually outlined with a single row of white scales which can be highlighted with a red band in the middle of the black bands.

This is a secretive, nocturnal snake and it prefers having a hide in its habitat to make the snake feel secure.
Captive care for the Gray-banded Kingsnake is similar to that of other Kingsnakes. A dry, heated, 20 gallon terrarium is sufficient for an adult snake. A temperature of 70°F - 80°F during the day and in the low 70's at night is believed to be ideal.

Gray-banded Kingsnakes primarily feed on lizards and rodents.

Breeding takes place in early summer and the clutch may contain up to 12 eggs.


different colorations, wide orange bands, display snake, captive bred animals, outgoing snakes


beginners, natural defense mechanism, scent glands


small size

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