Diamond Python

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Species group:

Scientific name: Morelia spilota spilota

The basics:
Diamond Pythons are native to Australia and are found in rain and temperate forests and grasslands in eastern New South Wales and the extreme east of Victoria.

Appearance / health:
Diamond Python coloring is highly variable, ranging from olive to black with white or cream and gold markings. The patterning may be roughly diamond shaped or have intricate markings made up of light and dark bands on a background of gray or a version of brown. Diamonds are medium-sized carpet python. The underside is pale in color. The subspecies is between 2–3 meters, sometimes reaching a length of 4 meters.

Diamond Pythons are active snakes and do well in large cages, such as 6 - 8 feet long x 2 feet high x 2 feet long.

Diamond Pythons are a temperate climate species and require cooler temperatures than most pythons.

Diamond Pythons do well on a diet of rats, after initially receiving young (pink) mice. Diamond Pythons are prone to obesity if overfed.

Diamond Pythons are oviparous snakes, the eggs are incubated and defended by the female coiling around them. The python will not leave to eat during this time, and will 'shiver' or lift the eggs to regulate their temperature. Maternal care does not continue once the young have emerged. Juveniles resemble other Morelia spilota, but differentiate in their appearance as they mature.


exciting new addition, distinctive diamond pattern, tree dweller


large enclosure, snake live prey, large water tank, truly high maintenance


Australia, pet trade, snakes large branches

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Diamond Python

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