Cloudy Snail Eater

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Species group:

Other common names: Common Snail Eater; Cloudy Snail-Eating Snake; Slug-Eating Snake; Clouded Snail Sucker

Scientific name: Sibon Nebulatus

The basics:
The Cloudy Snail Eater is a very common and wide ranging snake species which is native from Veracruz, Mexico southward to Ecuador and Brazil. It lives in lowland forests and forest-edge habitats. It is nocturnal, and often found in low vegetation, where it feeds on snails. It pulls the snails from their shells with its elongated, delicate front teeth.

Appearance / health:
Maximum size is about 0.8 m, but most specimens are smaller, 400-600 mm. The Dipsadini have teeth that are relatively uniform in size and they tend to eat earthworms and mollusks.

In captivity, Sibon Nebulatus do well at around 82F (28C) during the daytime, aand 68-72F (20-22C) at night.


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sinistral snails, chirally biased predation

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Cloudy Snail Eater

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