Yellow Tree Monitor

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Species group:

Other common names: Quince Monitor; Yellow Monitor

Scientific name: Varanus melinus

The basics:
The Yellow Tree Monitor is an arboreal monitor lizard which is native to the Obi Islands in the Moluccas of Indonesia.

Appearance / health:
The Yellow Tree Monitor has a bright yellow head, legs, back and tail. Varanus melinus has a black reticulation on the lower part of its neck. The tail has alternating bands of yellow and black which get pale toward the last third. Its tongue is light pink in color with little variation. The Quince Monitor can reach 80-120 cm in total length.

Behavior / temperament:
Yellow Tree Monitors, especially those which are wild-caught, can be skittish and handling can help calm them. Tail whipping and bowel evacuation are also defensive mechanisms.

(Care sheet courtesy of Lizardmomma). A 75 gallon habitat is adequate for one adult. The habitat should include a large water dish which is big enough for them to "swim" in. Include a hide box and make sure to include a lot of branches especially for young ones as they are arboreal and love to climb, the higher the better.

For lighting, the day cycle should be on around 10-12 hours and the night cycle should allow for cooling, but not too much. The light bulbs should be ones made for reptiles so they get the added UVA/UVB that is important for proper health.

Meat almost any kind, eggs (cooked so the risk of Salmonella is lowered), mice, rats, crickets (when small), fish, giant meal worms. All food should be dusted with vitamin and calcium powder.

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