Western Fence Lizard

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Species group:

Other common names: Blue-belly Lizard

Scientific name: Sceloporus occidentalis

The basics:
The Western Fence Lizard, commonly known as the "blue-belly lizard", is a member of the spiny lizard family and is found in the western United States. The Western Fence Lizard is very common throughout its range, and can often be found sunning itself on rocks, fences and in trees. There are six recognized sub-species of Sceloporus occidentalis.

Appearance / health:
The Western Fence Lizard is 7.5 to 11 inches in total length. They are brown to black in color and have a distinctive blue belly. The adult male also has blue coloring on its throat. They have long toes and sharp claws for climbing.


simple pet, vibrantly colored bellies, smaller children, good pets


parasites, wild lizards, picky eater, large enclosure


Bluebellies, highprotein diet, Southern California, pushups, aridland denizens

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