Viper Gecko

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Species group:

Other common names: Carrot-tailed Viper Gecko

Scientific name: Teratolepis fasciata

The basics:
The Viper Gecko is a nocturnal gecko which is native to southeastern Pakistan, where it lives in dry, rocky terrain. It hides under rocks during the day until the temperature cools down. Viper Geckos have not been well-established in the pet industry, but are growing steadily with more and more online pet stores having them available for purchase.

Appearance / health:
Viper Geckos are only 1 inch long at hatching, and adults may reach 4 inches (10cm).

Viper geckos do best in a habitat that has low humidity, ample hiding spaces, and a temperature gradation created by placing a heat pad under one end of the cage. Temperatures can thereby range from around 80°F (27°C) to 90°F (35°C), with a night-time drop of approx 10°.

Viper Geckos are territorial and best kept in pairs of one male and one female, or one male and several females.

Like other Geckos, the Viper Gecko primarily feeds on insects. They will also eat was worms, mealworms, and gut-loaded or calcium-dusted crickets, as well as honey or mashed ripe fruit. Breeding females that require more calcium and nutrients for egg-production and optimum health can be fed pinkie mice. Water must always be provided, either in a shallow water dish or through trickling water from the plant leaves.


interesting little geckos, neat colors, tiny size


small wildcaught insects, hatchling mortality rate


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