Texas Spiny Lizard

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Species group:

Scientific name: Sceloporus olivaceus

The basics:
The Texas Spiny Lizard is a member of the Phrynosomatidae family of lizards, and is native to northern Mexico and south central United States. The Texas Spiny Lizard is a diurnal and arboreal species which is very common throughout its range, and can often be found on fences and in trees. The Texas Spiny Lizard is a popular pet lizard and adapts well to captivity.

Appearance / health:
The Texas Spiny Lizard is 7.5 to 11 inches in total length. They are typically grey and males have a distinctive blue stripe on either side of the belly. They have long toes and sharp claws for climbing.


In captivity the Texas Spiny Lizard can be fed commercially available crickets.