Slender Glass Lizard

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Species group:

Scientific name: Ophisaurus attenuatus

The basics:
The Slender Glass Lizard is found in the Eastern United States, from Wisconsin to Florida and Texas. Their natural habitat includes dry and open areas like grasslands, sand hills, and open woodlands.

Appearance / health:
Slender Glass Lizards resemble snakes in being slim and long (up to about 40 inches). Unlike snakes, they have moveable eyes and external ears. They are yellow to brown in body color, typically with a dark stripe along the spine. They have noticeable lateral grooves, with dark markings and stripes just below them. Their jaws are not as flexible as the snake’s.

Behavior / temperament:
Slender Glass Lizards are diurnal. They are fast and move like snakes. When in danger, they drop their tails into several pieces (hence the name Glass Lizard) to confuse and escape from their predators. The dropped tail grows back.

The Slender Glass Lizard’s diet consists of insects, snails, young rodents, and small reptiles and their eggs.

Slender Glass Lizards mate in mid-spring and lay eggs of about 12 per clutch in June or July. The female incubates the eggs that hatch after about 60 days.

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