Peach Throat Monitor

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Other common names: Peach Throated Monitor

Scientific name: Varanus jobiensis

The basics:
The Peach Throat Monitor is native to New Guinea and nearby western islands. They are partially terrestrial, like savannah and spiny tailed monitors, but spend considerable time in trees and along riverbanks. They can reach a size of 48 inches in length. Peach-throats have been bred in captivity. Peach-throat monitors are closely related to the mangrove monitor (Varanus indicus) and the Blue-tailed monitor (Varanus doreanus).

Appearance / health:
Peach Throat Monitor appear similar to other mangrove monitors, but are distinguished by a dark, patternless head, large round eyes, a pink tongue and a pronounced, dark longitudinal stripe through the eye. Other acceptable foods include canned and moistened dry dog food, canned lizard diets, hot dogs and cooked eggs.

A 75 gallon habitat is adequate for one adult. The habitat should include a large water dish which is big enough for them to "swim" in. Include a hide box and make sure to include a lot of branches especially for young ones as they are arboreal and love to climb, the higher the better. The habitat should include a basking area of 100°F, ambient 82-90°F with a heat gradient across the cage.

Peach Throat Monitors will eat freshly killed or thawed frozen rodents, insects, fish, frogs and Zupreem Tegu and Monitor diet. The use of a dietary supplement such as Miner-all or Reptocal is recommended.


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huge custombuilt cage, proper thermal gradient, longhandled feeding tong, ultrasharp claws

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