Mossy New Caledonian Gecko

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Other common names: Mossy Prehensile-tailed Gecko; Short-snouted New Caledonian Gecko

Scientific name: Rhacodactylus chahoua

The basics:
The Mossy New Caledonian Gecko is an arboreal gecko which is native to the southern portion of the island of New Caledonia and to the outlying islands of Ile de Pines and Grande Terre. R. chahoua is uncommon in the reptile trade, and is currently being evaluated by CITES as a possible candidate for protective status.

Appearance / health:
R. chahoua gets its common name from the moss or lichen-like pattern it displays. Colors range from rusty red and brown to green or gray. There has been some notation that color could possibly be a geographic indicator in this species as the geckos from the outer islands most often display the lighter gray patterns. It commonly reaches a snout to vent length (SVL) of 5.5 inches.

As the Mossy New Caledonian Gecko is arboreal, it strongly prefers a cage that is taller than it is long. A male-female pair may be kept in a terrarium with a minimum size of 24 x 18 x 18, but as with all arboreal geckos, the taller the better.

In the wild this gecko is omnivorous and feeds on insects and fruit and will also occasionally eat smaller lizards. In captivity they thrive on a varied diet including mealworms, waxworms, crickets, fruit and meat baby food, small lizards/ pinky mice, and a commercial product such as Giant Gecko Meal Replacement Powder (MRP).

R. chahoua lays two well calcified eggs that become adhered to one another shortly after laying. This is known as "egg gluing". R. chahoua is the only Rhacodactylus gecko that lays adhering eggs. The eggs are generally laid on top of the substrate (generally behind loose tree bark) and are guarded by the female. The eggs hatch 60-90 days after laying.


beautiful colors, fascinating gecko, great starter reptile, excellent personalities


high startup cost


bark chip substrate, deep dome hoods, uvb tropical bulb

Mossy New Caledonian Gecko Health Tip

Mossy New Caledonian Gecko

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