Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

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Species group:

Scientific name: Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis

The basics:
A native of northern and western Madagascar and the island of Nsy Bohara, the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko is also found in Florida, Hawaii, and the Mauritius. They inhabit dry regions where regular heavy rainfall keeps the humidity high. They bask among trees and dwell in bushes, plants, and wall structures and human dwelling where there is an abundance of insects and basking spots.

Appearance / health:
The Madagascar Giant Day Gecko averages 9 inches in length and is brilliant green to bluish green all over with reddish orange spots, blotches, and markings on the head and body. A red line crosses the face from the snout to the eye. Like many Geckos, they have wide toepads, round pupils, and immovable eyelids. The belly is faint yellow to creamy white.

Behavior / temperament:
Madagascar Giant Day Geckos are arboreal, making them agile climbers that seldom walk on the ground. They feed in the daytime and hide in building cracks and among plants at night. They are territorial and aggressive towards other males. They should be handled very gently because their thin skin is easily torn.

Madagascar Giant Day Geckos are arboreal and best kept in vertically oriented woodland or rainforest type terrariums with high humidity and moist substrate. Lush vegetation provides the hiding places the lizard requires. Plants with smooth leaves and branches are recommended. Day temp: 77-86F; night temp: 65-74F; basking temp: 95-104F; day humidity: 60-70%; night humidity: 80-90%; lighting: 10-12 hours, UV radiation required.

Madagascar Giant Day Geckos should be kept singly or in pairs. Cage humidity must be precise for optimum health because these lizards easily dry out. They have very thin skin, which are easily torn and leave scars. Humidity that is too high can breed harmful organisms in the cage. Under the best conditions, these lizards can live up to 20 years.

The regular diet of the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko consists of insects (crickets, wax moths, flies, cockroaches, and grasshoppers), mealworms, and wax worms, as well as the nectar of flowers and soft ripe sweet fruit. Mineral supplements are recommended for breeding females.

These egg-laying lizards reach sexual maturity in a year and breed from November to May. At this time, the female lays up to 6 pairs of eggs that hatch in about 2 months.


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Madagascar Giant Day Gecko Health Tip

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

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