Kuhl's Flying Gecko

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Other common names: Flying Gecko

Scientific name: Ptychozoon kuhli

The basics:
The Kuhl's Flying Gecko is an arboreal Gecko which is native to the tropical rain forests of Southern Thailand, Myanmar, northeastern India, Malaysian Peninsula, Indonesia and Singapore. It is a species which has adaptations to its skin, including flaps on either side of its body, webbed feet, and a flattened tail, which allow it to glide over short distances.

Appearance / health:
Kuhl's Flying Gecko grow to 6 - 8 inches in length. These geckos have a remarkable camouflage. The flaps of skin along their sides help them blend with tree bark. Often, the eyes are the only way to see them. Flying Geckos, like many other gecko species, have evolved intricate toe pads with microscopic hairs that can adhere to nearly any surface, including glass.

Flying Geckos will thrive in a medium-sized vertically oriented 15 gallon enclosure. Tightly covered woodland terrarium with plenty of climbing and hiding places like live or silk plants, driftwood, or branches. A clean substrate must retain moisture. A shallow water dish or a misting system will provide the needed water source for drinking and humidity. A heating pad should produce daytime temperatures ranging from 78-86 degrees F.. Nighttime temperatures should range from 72-80 degrees F. The enclosure should be misted daily to produce high humidity.

Geckos primarily eat crickets, moths, flies, cockroaches, and other insects, as well as silkworms, wax worms, and mealworms. Feeding them with gut-loaded or calcium-dusted crickets will help provide sufficient nutrition.

House Geckos are best kept as a pair or in a group with only one male. They are territorial and aggressive towards other males. Providing the required humidity and water sources (dish, trickling, waterfalls, or misting) is essential for optimum health. Lifespan is known to be about 5-10 years.


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Kuhl's Flying Gecko Health Tip

Kuhl's Flying Gecko

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