Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizard

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H. Krisp

Species group:

Other common names: Green Legged Curly-tail Lizard; Hispaniolan Masked Curly-tailed Lizard

Scientific name: Leiocephalus personatus

The basics:
The Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizard is a member of the Curly-tailed lizards family (Leiocephalidae), and is native to Caribbean islands of Haiti, Ile de la Tortue and the Dominican Republic. They are an arboreal lizard and get their name from the way males curl their tails over their heads. There are believed to be a dozen subspecies of Leiocephalus personatus.

Appearance / health:
Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizards are sexually dimorphic. Males are a bright metallic color with red markings on the head around the lower jaw. Females are much smaller and are brown in color with lighter stripes running down the flanks.

15 gallon or larger habitat. Daytime temperatures of 80°F to 85°F with a 88°F to 90°F basking area under a spotlight.

Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizards are insectivores and will eat a variety of insects including crickets, mealworms, super worms, and wax worms.


bright coloring, beautiful lizard, striking pose, entertaining lizard


extraordinarily fast lizard, vitamin D synthesis, live mealworms

Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizard Health Tip

Jewelled Curly-tailed Lizard

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