Halmahera Giant Gecko

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Species group:

Other common names: Moluccan Giant Gecko

Scientific name: Gehyra marginata

The basics:
The Halmahera Giant Gecko is an arboreal gecko native to the Moluccan Islands in Indonesia. Gehyra is a genus of geckos commonly known as Web-toed Geckos or Dtellas.

Appearance / health:
Gehyra species have toepads and powerful claws.

Behavior / temperament:
Like some other geckos, the Halmahera Giant Gecko have a tendency to drop strips of skin if handled carelessly.

Most of the large Gehyra sold in the U.S. are G. marginata. This species requires a temperature of 80 - 85° F during the day, dropping to 70 - 75° F at night. Humidity should be kept from 70 - 80%. Humidity should be kept above 500%.

Fruit, pollen, insects, mixture of fruit and meat baby foods.


gorgeous gecko.Care


loseatail strategy


reptile nightviewing bulbs, defense mechanism, ambient temperature range, ample Vitamin D3

Halmahera Giant Gecko Health Tip

Halmahera Giant Gecko

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