Frilled Lizard

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Species group:

Other common names: Frilled Dragon

Scientific name: Chlamydosaurus kingii

The basics:
Frilled Lizards are native to Northeastern Australia and Southern Papua/New Guinea. They are primarily arboreal (seen clinging to a tree trunk) but are also seen perched on anthills and other elevated areas on the ground.

Appearance / health:
Frilled Lizards grow up to about 32 inches in length, with the tail almost twice as long as the body. Males, typically larger than the females, have brighter frill colors, and have larger heads, fang-like teeth, and femoral and preanal pores. Adults often have frills up to a foot in length, with base colors of black, orange, or yellow, accented by red, orange, or white spots. The body color of the Frilled Lizard ranges from black and gray to shades of brown and olive green.

Behavior / temperament:
Frilled Lizards are active in the daytime, although not as active as other lizards. They will stay still for long periods of time but will quickly run away when startled. They display their frills when threatened. They are most comfortable clinging to tree trunks and branches but can manage to run (on their hind legs) when on flat ground. They are considered good pets because they acclimate readily and are generally non-aggressive to their owners.

Frilled Lizards are best kept in a vertically oriented forest terrarium decorated with plenty of branches, logs, or cork bark for climbing and basking, and artificial foliage for aesthetics (these lizards damage plants). Recommended cage dimensions for an adult Frilled Dragon is at least 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, or a minimum of 100 gallons to bigger. Substrate or bedding should be paper, soil, cypress mulch, or sand, about 2 inches deep. A large water dish should be provided for soaking and drinking, and should be refreshed daily. Day temp: 86-100F; night temp: 64-71F; basking temp: 104-113F; humidity: 5-70%; lighting: up to 14 hrs; bright light and UV required.

Frilled Lizards can be kept as pairs or in groups with only one male. Because of their humidity requirements, misting them once or twice a day is recommended, as well as giving them warm showers every two weeks. They hibernate for 6-8 weeks at a temperature of 64-68F. If kept in ideal conditions, the lizards live to about 15 years.

Primarily feeding on insects, Frilled Lizards appreciate crickets, cockroaches, and beetles. At times, they will consume worms, rodents, nestling birds, and other lizards. They also feed on lettuce, corn, peas, and squash. Flowers and fruits can be offered in small amounts. Frilled Lizards eat less as they age. They should be fed in moderation because they gain weight easily.

Males can start breeding at one year old, but females should be allowed to mature for at least two years to minimize egg-binding (because their still small/young bodies are unable to sustain egg-development). Changes in temperature encourage mating. One male can be introduced to mate with several females. A nesting pan with large mounds of soil and sand should be placed in the cage for the female to use as a digging site for her eggs, usually 4 to 15 in number. The eggs must be incubated at 82-85F.


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Frilled Lizard Health Tip

Frilled Lizard

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