Dumeril's Monitor

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Species group:

Scientific name: Varanus dumerilii

The basics:
Dumeril’s monitors are found in Southeast Asia, where it lives in Mangrove swamps. Like other Monitors, the Dumeril's Monitor is aggressive but can be tamed with regular interaction and handling. Ideally, the cage should include multiple hiding spots to provide a sense of security.

Appearance / health:
Juvenile Dumeril’s Monitors have bright orange heads, however after 4-8 weeks, this coloration changes to brown as the lizard matures. With proper feeding, Dumeril's Monitors grow quickly and adults can reach 3-4 feet in length and can live 15-20 years in captivity.

Behavior / temperament:
Raising Dumeril's Monitors from juveniles makes it easier to tame them by regular gentle handling. The natural tendency of Monitors is aggression, which can result to nasty bites and tail lashing; therefore, care is always advised. Overall, Nile Monitors are hardy and easy to feed and care for.

Dumeril's Monitors should be in a habitat which is between 85-90 degrees F. with a basking spot of 95 degrees F. At night the temperature can drop to 75 degrees F.

Raising tame juvenile Dumeril's is easier than taming adults. When threatened, they bite and lash their tails.

As with other Monitors, the Dumeril's is carnivorous. In captivity, its diet would include crickets (and other insects), waxworms (and other worms), rodents, and fish. It can be fed cooked eggs and packaged monitor food. Mineral-dusted crickets and vitamin supplements should be given regularly for added nutrition.

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