Crocodile Gecko

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Species group:

Other common names: Moorish gecko

Scientific name: Tarentola mauritanica

The basics:
The Crocodile Gecko is a tree-dwelling gecko which is native to dry and rocky habitats throughout the Mediterranean region - from Spain, southern France and Greece to northern Africa. While they are primarily a nocturnal species, they can also be seen basking in the sun during the day.

Crocodile Geckos can reach 6 in. (15 cm.) in length. Their most distinguishing feature is a row of keeled scales which runs along the back and tail.

Appearance / health:
Crocodile Geckos are a speckled light and dark grey or brown.

Male Crocodile Geckos are highly territorial and are aggressive towards other males. For this reason, two males should not be housed together. A male / female pair of Crocodile Geckos can be housed in a 10 gal. habitat. As they are arboreal, they should be provided with plenty of rocks and branches to climb and hide in.
Daytime temperatures should be kept between 78 – 85 F. Nighttime temperatures should be between 70 - 75 F. Crocodile Geckos are a low humidity species.

Like other Geckos, the Crocodile Gecko primarily feeds on insects. They will also eat was worms, mealworms, and gut-loaded or calcium-dusted crickets, as well as honey or mashed ripe fruit. Breeding females that require more calcium and nutrients for egg-production and optimum health can be fed pinkie mice. Water must always be provided, either in a shallow water dish or through trickling water from the plant leaves.

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