Central Netted Dragon

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Tim Rudman

Species group:

Other common names: Central Netted Ground-dragon

Scientific name: Ctenophorus nuchalis

The basics:
The Central Netted Dragon is a terrestrial lizard which is native to the plains and open scrublands of central Australia. The Central Netted Dragon gets its name from the net-like pattern over its body. The Ctenophorus reptile family are also known as "comb-bearing dragons".

Central Netted Dragons have become popular captive lizards in Australia, though their export is illegal. They are popular as pets because of their flexible diet, hardiness and ease of care, docile temperament, and friendly, curious, and social behavior.

Appearance / health:
Central Netted Dragons are reddish brown or yellowish-brown in color. Adults reach 25cm-28cm in length from nose to tail.

A large (at least 75-gallon) enclosure is recommended for the Central Netted Dragon to allow them to roam. Known as sun-baskers, these dragons require ample basking spots like logs and large rocks in the cage. Some crevices and hiding places would also be good. Ideal substrate would be paper, sand, or alfalfa pellets. Day temp: 83-86F; night temp: 65-68F; basking temp: 104-112F; humidity: 50-70%; lighting: 12-14 hours, full-spectrum UV required.

Its life expectancy in captivity is 5- 6 years.

Central Netted Dragon feed on insects like ants, grasshoppers, beetles, and termites, and also eat the leaves and flowers of small herbaceous plants.

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