Banded Knobtail Gecko

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Other common names: Banded Rough Knobtail Gecko; Banded Knob-Tail Gecko

Scientific name: Nephurus wheeleri

The basics:
The Banded Knobtail Gecko is native to Western Australia. It is found in arid, rocky areas and lives in burrows or in rock crevices. All Australian Knobtail Geckos are mainly "nocturnal" and they hunt for food at night, and are generally less active during the day.

Appearance / health:
Banded Rough Knobtails are medium-sized lizards with a thick, broad tail that has a round "knob" on the end. They will typically have five black to brown bands across their body and grow to 4-5 inches in length.

Banded Knobtail Gecko do best in a habitat that has low humidity, ample hiding spaces, and a temperature gradation created by placing a heat pad under one end of the cage. Temperatures can thereby range from around 70 - 90 degrees F, with a night-time drop of approx 10°.


amicable persona, interesting little geckos


orange sands, low maintenance costs, terrestrial geckos, defense mechanism, occasional mat changes

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Banded Knobtail Gecko

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