Banana Gecko

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Species group:

Other common names: Poor Man's Leachinarus

Scientific name: Gehyra vorax

The basics:
The Banana Gecko is a member of the Gehyra genus of geckos, which are commonly known as the Web-toed Geckos or Dtellas. Gehyra species have toepads and powerful claws. Like some other geckos they also have a tendency to drop strips of skin if handled carelessly.

The Banana Gecko is native to mangrove and lowland forests in Indonesia, Papau New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga and other south Pacific islands.

The Banana Gecko is quite uncommon in the pet trade.

Appearance / health:
The Banana Gecko is a large gecko, with adults ranging in size from 8-13 inches in length.

The Banana Gecko should be provided with a large habitat which has a substrate of coco fiber or cypress mulch. The habitat should also contain branches or live plants for climbing, basking, and hiding. A glass terrarium will be ideal for the high humidity requirements of this lizard. Day temp: 85-90F; night temp: 70-75F.

Like other Geckos, the Banana Gecko primarily feeds on insects. They will also eat was worms, mealworms, and gut-loaded or calcium-dusted crickets, as well as honey or mashed ripe fruit. Breeding females that require more calcium and nutrients for egg-production and optimum health can be fed pinkie mice. Water must always be provided, either in a shallow water dish or through trickling water from the plant leaves.


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gecko skittish, defensive thing, delicate skin, sharp claws, Tokay attitude


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