Australian Pink Tongued Skink

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Species group:

Scientific name: Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii

The basics:
The Australian Pink Tongued Skink (Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii), previously Tiliqua gerrardii / Cyclodomorphus gerrardii, is native to New South Wales and Queensland in Australia where they shelter beneath leaf litter, in hollow logs and crevices of rocks and trees and their slender bodies and limbs are an adaptation for moving in thick undergrowth. This skink lives in a wetter forest habitat than the other Australian Skinks and is nocturnal in warm weather and diurnal in cold.

Appearance / health:
As suggested by its common names, the distinguishing characteristic of the Australian Pink Tongued Skink is a pink tongue. (H. gerrardii is very similar in appearance to the Eastern Blue-Tongue (Tiliqua scincoides); however it has a pink tongue as an adult, and is also much more slender than the (Tiliqua scincoides) and has a much longer and narrower tail and a smaller head.

10 gallon aquarium for one skink, and a 20 gallon for 2. They do well in temperatures between 70F - 80F (22C to 27C) and with 60% to 100% humidity.

Mainly insects, but also worms, slugs, and even small mammals, such as young mice.

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