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Saharan Uromastyx

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Species group: Uromastyx, Dabb and Spiny-Tailed Lizards

Other common names: Saharan Spiny-tailed Lizard; Red Nigerian Spiny-Tailed Lizard; Nigerian Uromastyx; Geyr's Dabb Lizard

Scientific name: Uromastyx geyri

The basics:
The Saharan Uromastyx is one of 13 species of Spiny Tailed lizards, and is native to hot and dry areas of Algeria, Mali and Niger.

Saharan Uromastyx which are available as pets are mostly wild-caught, and are exported from NIgeria. Unfortunately, wild-caught Uromastyx which have not had adequate time to acclimate to captivity often experience health problems.

Appearance / health:
Saharan Uromastyx are one of the most colorful members of the Uromastyx family. Males are tan or orange with light spots on their backs, and females are duller in color and patterning. Saharan Uromastyx are considered to be a medium sized Uromastyx, and are typically between 28 - 36 cm (11 - 14 inches) in length.

Behavior / temperament:
Saharan Uromastyx are considered to have peaceful temperaments.

Saharan Uromastyx need to be kept in conditions which most closely resemble their natural habitat. Their terrarium should have a sand substrate and should contain several hides. A basking area with a temperature of around 49 C. (120 F) and a cooler area of around 30 C (85 F) should be made available.

Saharan Uromastyx are omnivorous and acquire adequate fluids from their food.

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Zoo Med African Mopani Wood, Medium (Sizes May Vary)

Here are products that members feel are just right for your Saharan Uromastyx !

Mopani Wood has been sandblasted clean and is ready to be added to your terrarium. For use in aquariums, remember all natural wood leaches tannins, which discolor water and reduce pH levels. Adding extra carbon to your aquarium filter can help remove any remaining discoloration. This is an all Natural Item sizes may vary


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