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Angulated Dwarf Gecko

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Species group: Geckos

Scientific name: Lygodactylus angularis

The basics:
The Angulated Dwarf Gecko is a species of gecko native to southern Zaire and Tanzania. The Zairean subspecies is Lygodactylus angularis grzimek, and the Tanzanian subspecies is Lygodactylus angularis heeneni.

Lygodactylus is a genus of diurnal geckos with approximately 60 species. They are commonly referred to as "Dwarf Geckos".




entertaining,active lizards,Planted Terrarium Enthusiasts,interesting habits,experienced gecko owner

high strung,numerous live plants,wellplanted naturalistic vivarium

commercial nectar mixes,flightless house flies

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The Lizard Keeper's Handbook (Herpetocultual Library)

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