Broad Breasted White Turkey

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Other common names: Large White Turkey; White Broad Breasted Turkey

The basics:
The Broad Breasted White Turkey is the most widely-used commercial breed of domesticated turkey. Growing up to fifty pounds, this variety produces more breast meat then any heritage breed. Unfortunately, their large size comes with a price. These birds are unable to breed without human assistance, and by the age of one year they grow too large for their legs to support their body. For this reason, Broad Breasted Whites are usually overlooked by smaller hobby-farms.

Appearance: White
Housing: Barn
Temperament: Friendly, social, and laid back
Breeds naturally: No
Parenting: Hens do not generally live long enough to brood
Meat: Excellent
Weight: (Very large) up to 50 lbs

What else you should know:
Broad Breasted White Turkeys require more maintenance then heritage breeds of poultry. They are very large, and prone to suffering from heat stress.

Broad Breasted White poults are very clumsy and prone to drowning. Take care to make sure their waterers are safe, and that they stay warm and dry.

Broad Breasted Turkeys do not mate naturally, and require artificial insemination to replicate. If small farmers raise this variety, they will need to get poults yearly from a hatchery.


meat bird, commercial meat production, friendly temperament, 4H project, huge bird


bone structure, respiratory failure, appropriate housing, joint damage, heart disease, bumble foot


larger breasts, pin feathers, good feedconverters

Broad Breasted White Turkey Health Tip

Broad Breasted White Turkey

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