Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

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Other common names: Broad Breasted Bronze

The basics:
The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey is a large domesticated turkey, which was created for meat production. The Bronze Turkey was first developed in the 1700's in the United States, and is thought to have originated from domestic European turkey varieties and the eastern wild turkey. During, the late 18th and early 19th centuries, some Bronze turkeys where selected for larger size. To distinguish this variety from the original Standard Bronze Turkey, these birds where named Broad Breasted Bronze.

Appearance: Brown with shades of cooper and blue-green iridescent feathers.
Housing: Barn, large pen, or on the range with a coop at night
Temperament: Easily handled
Breeds naturally: No
Broody: Hens are usually eaten before they come of age for brooding
Meat: Excellent
Weight: (Very Large) 20 - 38 lbs

What else you should know:
The Broad Breasted Turkey cannot breed naturally, and needs Artificial Insemination to replicate. Therefore, most small farmers either pick a heritage turkey variety, or purchase their Broad Breasted Turkey poults yearly from a hatchery.


great flavor, Tender Turkey, finished weight, smoked, Beautiful Broad Breasted, juicy


HUGE splats, little cranky, Tom turkeys, stupid ways, legbone disease


turkey poults, group chasing grasshoppers, steady growth rate

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