Bourbon Red Turkey

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Other common names: Bourbon Red; Bourbon Turkey; Kentucky Red; Bourbon Butternut

The basics:
The Bourbon Red Turkey's history starts in Bourbon County Kentucky, where the turkey was bred to have a broad breast and flavorful meat. Like all the other heritage turkeys, Bourbon Red's were once nearly an extinct breed but they are rebounding and becoming popular once again. The Bourbon Red Turkey was first recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1909.

Appearance: Rich chestnut with contrasting white wing feathers and white center tail feathers.
Housing: Coop with free range, or large pen
Temperament: Social and easily handled
Breeds naturally: Yes
Broody: Often
Meat: Excellent and very flavorful
Weight: (Large) 18 - 33 lbs


good foragers, free range, good moist meat, Tasty Heritage Turkeys, beauty, immense size


aggressive, Fiesty little buggers, semiaggressive behavior, confinement, bad temper


public display, heritage turkey breeds, bronzebased bird, Thanksgiving table, GREAT guard turkey

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