Auburn Turkey

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Other common names: Light Brown Turkey

The basics:
The Auburn Turkey is a heritage American variety, that was raised during the early 19th century for meat. They have been a fan of a few serious breeders for centuries, but are yet to be recognized by the American Poultry Association. Today, they are a critically endangered variety.

Appearance: Hens are brown. Toms have auburn plumage with red-brown and white wing barring. Silver Auburn also exists.
Suitable Housing: Coop with free range, or a large pen
Personality: Social, active and well mannered
Naturally Mating: Yes
Broody: Often
Weights: (Large) 19 - 35 lbs
Meat: Excellent

What else you should know:
Auburns hens can be crossed to Bronze toms to create sex linkable poults. The male poults that hatch will be Bronze in coloration and the females will be Auburn.


heritage breed, excellent egg layers, pet turkeys


high temps, Blackhead kills turkeys

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Auburn Turkey

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