Norfolk Horn Sheep

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Other common names: Blackface Norfolk Horned; Norfolk Horned; Old Norfolk; Old Norfolk Horned

The basics:
The Norfolk Horn Sheep is a medium sized, horned sheep which is one of the British black-faced sheep breeds. According to the Norfolk Horn Breeders Group, "Although named after the county of Norfolk the breed developed in the relative isolation of East Anglia and was the prevalent breed in Norfolk, Suffolk, north Essex and south east Cambridgeshire."

"By the end of the nineteenth century, there were only perhaps 300 Norfolk Horn sheep remaining. To increase genetic diversity and to ensure the survival of the breed, careful cross breeding with Suffolks was undertaken in the early 1970s. Over the last 30 years the breed has been pure bred and the Norfolk Horn of today has retained much of the character of its forebears. Since the 1970s Norfolk Horn numbers have risen considerably and there are now around 2500 pedigree Norfolk Horns in 79 flocks which although scattered across the British Isles are still concentrated in Norfolk and Suffolk."

Appearance / health:
The Norfolk Horn is a medium sized breed. The face and legs are black or dark brown and are free of wool. Both sexes are horned, thought males tend to have larger horns.

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