Manx Loaghtan Sheep

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Other common names: Loaghtan Sheep

The basics:
The Manx Loaghtan Sheep is native to the Isle of Man, and is one of Northern European short-tailed sheep breeds. These ancient multi-horned sheep breeds, which include Hebridean, Shetland and Soay Sheep, adapted to harsh, remote environments and were later largely displaced by more productive, commercial breeds.

According to the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group (MLSBG), "Loaghtans and their relatives grazed the hills of the Isle of Man until the 18th century but by the 1950s numbers had declined to a handful. As a result of the work of enthusiasts on the Isle of Man and in England, numbers have steadily increased over the last 50 years." The Manx Loaghtan is currently listed as an "At Risk" breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST).

Appearance / health:
According to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST), "The Manx Loaghtan is hardy and small in size; an adult ewe weighs about 40kg. The number of horns in both sexes is variable, and occasionally polled animals occur. They are slow maturing and are normally butchered at about 15 months of age when they produce a lean, low cholesterol carcass weighing up to 18kgs. The meat is of high quality and full of flavour."

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