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The basics:
Llanwenog Sheep were developed in the Teifi valley in West Wales in the late 19th century by crossing Shropshire rams with a local hill sheep breed called the Llanllwni (which is now extinct).

The Llanwenog is a dual-purpose breed which is known for having a docile temperament and for its profligacy in lambing. It is a hardy and adaptable breed, which does well on pasture to over 1000 ft in elevation.

Appearance / health:
According to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, "The Llanwenog is a medium-sized shortwool breed. It has black legs and head with a tuft of wool on the forehead. The wool is of high quality and is used for hosiery, hand knitting, high quality tweeds and hand spinning. It is a docile and easily managed sheep. Its main purpose is to produce prime meat lambs from grass. In the 1970s it received wide acclaim for its success in the National Lambing Competition, and it continues to hold a reputation as a prolific sheep, with a majority of twins."


ultimate allrounder breed, wonderful


extinct local llanllwni, Clun forest ancestry, Welsh Mountain breed

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Llanwenog Sheep

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