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Harlequin Sheep

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The basics:
The Harlequin Sheep is a new breed which was created by Kathleen Sterling at Black Sheep Farm in Berryville, Virginia USA. Harlequin Sheep were developed by linebreeding, crossbreeding and inbreeding breeds such as: Karakul, Tunis, Corriedale, Lincoln, Border Leicester, Romney, Montadale, Coopworth, Finn-Rambouillet, and Southdown rams. These breeds where used until 1998, when the flock was closed. Harlequin Sheep are now registered with the American Harlequin Sheep Registry (AMHSR).

Appearance / health:
The Harlequin Sheep is a medium sized, polled, pinto patterned sheep. They come in a variety of patterns and many shades of black, grey, brown, and white. Although Harlequin Sheep have very similar markings to Jacob Sheep, there is no Jacob blood in them. Harlequins resemble the Southdown Sheep in both conformation and size.


rare breed sheep,excellent quality,blue eyes,small breed

easy prey

sheep dog

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Breeders and sellers have to jump through hoops to get RightPet listings, literally, we make them do circus tricks. Unfortunately no one has met our high acrobatic standards for this animal yet, but hopefully they will soon!

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We've had no luck finding any of these frisky fellas so far, even though we've put up wanted posters and everything! But don't worry, we're working on it!

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