Gute Sheep

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Other common names: Gutefår

The basics:
Gute Sheep are native to the Swedish island of Gotland and are the most primitive breed native to Sweden. The Gute Sheep is one of the Northern European short-tailed family of sheep. The Gotland Sheep breed is a direct descendant of the Gute Sheep.

Gute Sheep rams and ewes are horned, which distinguishes the breed from the hornless (polled) Gotland Sheep. The Gute Sheep has a fleece that appears in a wider variety of colors and patterns, which may be shed in the summer.

Appearance / health:
According to the Föreningen Gutefåret, "Gute sheep fold consists of underwool, top coat and märghår. This wool is straight or wavy, and always falls very close. Lambs wool is soft and smooth, older animals may be coarser wool, often filled with märghår that important function, in air and heat storage capacity. Head, ears, legs and tail lower half lack wool and are instead covered with short and straight so-called hairs, often with "deer-colored (red and yellow)" hair light or dark background. The wool color ranges from black over gray to white. Sometimes there are hints of brown shades."

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