California Red Sheep

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The basics:
The California Red Sheep is a new breed which was created by crossing Tunis Sheep with Barbados Blackbelly Sheep.

According to the California Red Sheep Registry, "The history of the California Red Sheep began in the early 1970's when Dr. Glenn Spurlock in Davis, CA embarked on a Home Project (not affiliated with UC Davis), of crossing Tunis and Barbados sheep....The wool of this distinctive young breed is prized by hand spinners and weavers alike and the meat is unequaled in tenderness and delicate flavor. Additionally, the newly created California Red breed displayed a calm, gentle disposition, distinctive color, resistance to many of the health and handling problems and also proved to be a successful year round breeder."

Appearance / health:
According to the California Red Sheep Registry, "California Reds are graceful and eye catching in appearance. The rams in particular can be rather striking with manes of red hair (as in photo above) in contrast to their beige or oatmeal colored wool. The legs and head are free of wool and instead are covered with hair ranging from gold to dark cinnamon in color. Both the ewes and rams have a bold, strong expression accented by finely chiseled muzzles. Their long and slightly pendulous ears give them a deer-like appearance when alert and at attention."

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