Gottingen Pig

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Other common names: Gottingen Minipig; Gottingen Miniature Pig; Göttinger Minischwein; Gottinger Miniaturschwein

The basics:
The Gottingen Pig was created in the 1960's at the University of Göttingen, in Germany. It was created by crossing Pot-bellied pigs and German Landrace pigs, with the goal of creating a pig with white skin and hair which could be used in medical research.

The smallest of the common miniature breeds, the Gottingen Pig is used in a variety of applications in biomedical research including cardiovascular studies. Its small size makes it an ideal animal model due to its relative ease of handling and smaller housing requirements. Adult body weight of the Gottingen Pig is between 80 120 pounds.

Appearance / health:
(Black, gray, brown, red, white)

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