Zebra x Donkey Cross

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Scientific name: Equus quagga / Equus africanus asinus

Other common names: Zonkey; Zebrinny; Zebrula; Zebrass; Zebronkey; Zeass; Zeedonk; Zdonk; Zedonk; Zebadonk; Zenkey; Zonbra; Zonbri; Zonkra; Zebryde; Hamzab

The basics:
The cross-breeding of a Zebra and a Donkey, produces offspring which have traits and characteristics of both parent species. This cross-breeding is usually man-made, but cases have been reported in South Africa of Zebras and Donkeys mating in the wild when they live near each other.

In almost all recorded cases, the Zebra is the sire, and the donkey is the hinny. Breeding of different branches of the equine family, results in infertile offspring. This is because Donkeys and wild equids have different numbers of chromosomes. A donkey has 62 chromosomes; the zebra has between 32 and 46 (depending on species). In spite of this difference, viable hybrids are possible provided the gene combination in the hybrid allows for embryonic development to birth. A hybrid has a number of chromosomes somewhere in between. The chromosome difference makes female hybrids poorly fertile and male hybrids sterile due to a phenomenon called Haldane's Rule.

Appearance / health:
Zebra / Donkey crosses typically resemble donkeys with a striped pattern overlaided on the donkey's background color. Usually there is clear striping on the legs, as well as a dorsal stripe. There may be facial stripes and indistinct stripes on the body.




children, aggressive behaviors, half wild animal, ground manners, unsocial attributes, biting


Zdonks, Zonkey

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