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Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus

Other common names: Caribou; Qalipu; Tuttuk

The basics:
Reindeer are seen in the northern Holarctic countries including Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and northern USA. The only deer that can be domesticated, Reindeer have been kept as pets, companions, and beasts of burden in Scandinavia, Russia, and Iceland since the 18th century. They have also been herded and raised by nomadic tribes living in the arctic regions for meat, hides (clothing), antlers (weapons and tools), milk (also butter and cheese), and transportation. Canadian Inuit depend on the reindeer for their survival.

Appearance / health:
Reindeer are medium-sized mammals, standing more than 7 ft long and almost 5 feet tall. Body colors range from white to brown, tan, or gray, with the legs and face usually darker. Both sexes have complex antlers that can range up to 39 inches in width and 53 inches in rear beam length. The tail grows up to about 8 in. long. The thick fur has two layers, and dense wool undercoat and a long guard coat of hollow hairs that help the reindeer float and swim across rivers. The hooves adapt to the weather, having thick foot pads in the summer when the ground is soft and slippery; the foot pads shrink in the winter to expose the edges of the hooves, which are used to dig into the snow when they walk or forage for the lichens hidden underneath.

Behavior / temperament:
Wild reindeer are herd animals that move through the Arctic regions in groups of 20 or more. Domesticated reindeer are technically “semi-domesticated” because they typically roam freely and have not been bred in captivity.

Housing / diet:
Reindeer are ruminant grazers. They eat lichens, grass, shrubs, shoots, and leaves of willows and birch trees. In the winter, they feed on available shrubs, sedges, and twigs, and will dig into the snow to reach the lichens (reindeer moss) on the ground underneath.


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