Reeves Muntjac Deer

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Scientific name: Muntiacus reevesi

Other common names: Reeves Muntjac; Barking Deer

The basics:
The Reeves' Muntjac is a muntjac species which is native to southeastern China (Gansu to Yunnan) and in Taiwan. They have also been introduced in the Netherlands, England and Ireland. It takes its name from John Reeves, who was appointed Assistant Inspector of Tea for the British East India Company in 1812.

The Reeves' Muntjac is also called the barking deer, known for its distinctive bark, though this name is also used for the other species of muntjacs. Along with the slightly smaller Leaf Muntjac Deer, Reeves Muntjac Deer are currently being bred as pets in the United States.

Appearance / health:
This muntjac grows to 0.5m high at the shoulder, 0.95 m (37 inches) in length, and weighs between 10 and 18 kg (22-40 pounds) when fully grown. It is dog-like in appearance but has striped markings on its face. The male has short antlers, usually four inches or less, and uses them to push enemies off balance so he can wound them with his upper two inch canine teeth.

Housing / diet:
The Reeves Muntjac Deer feeds on herbs, blossoms, succulent shoots, grasses and nuts, and was also reported to eat trees.


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Reeves Muntjac Deer

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