Nilgai Antelope

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Scientific name: Boselaphus tragocamelus

The basics:
The Nilgai Antelope is s native to grasslands and woodlands in northern India and eastern Pakistan. The Nilgai is the biggest Asian antelope.

Nilgai were introduced in Texas in the 1920s by the King Ranch for recreational purposes. Over the years some escaped and they are now free ranging in various southern portions of the state. There are now an estimated 15,000 Nilgai Antelope on Texas rangelands.

Appearance / health:
Nilgai stand 1.2-1.5 meters (4–5 feet) at the shoulder and are 1.8-2 meters (6-6.6 feet) long. Their tails are 40-45 centimeters. Mature nilgai typically weigh 120-240 kilograms. Nilgai have thin legs and a robust body that slopes down from the shoulder. Their long, narrow heads are topped by two small conical horns which are straight and tilted slightly forward. Horns on trophy males are normally 21.6-25.4 centimeters (8.5-10 inches). They have an erectile mane on the back of the neck and a tubular shaped "hair pennant" on the midsection of the throat.

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