Mouflon Sheep

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Scientific name: Ovis aries orientalis

Other common names: Corsican Mouflon; Mediterranean Mouflon; European Mouflon; Musimon; Musmon; Sardinian Mouflon

The basics:
The Mouflon is a wild sheep which is native to central Europe and Asia, and which is believed to be one of the ancestors of all domestic sheep. Five subspecies of Mouflon have been identified, and include the European Mouflon and the Cypriot Mouflon.

In the early 1900's Mouflon were crossbred to different breeds of domesticated wool sheep, and created breeds such as the Painted Desert Sheep, Texas Dall Sheep, Black Hawaiian Sheep, and American Blackbelly Sheep. Since the 1980's, Mouflon have been introduced to North America and Hawaii as game for hunting.

Appearance / health:
The size and coloration of Mouflon vary depending on the subspecies, but in general these wild sheep have a reddish-brown coat with a dark stripe which extends along their back. Male Mouflon have dramatic, curved horns. Females can be either horned or polled. Mouflon stand around 0.9 meters in height and weigh 50 kg (males) and 35 kg (females).

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